The Annual Conference on Smart Materials and Structures

Authors Guide

After registering in the system and entering information such as the title and authors' details, it is necessary to prepare the summary version of the article according to the existing templates and send it in two PDF and WORD versions. The WORD file of the article should be uploaded in the "original version" section and the PDF file of the article along with additional files (if any) should be uploaded in the "additional file" section. It should be noted that in Farsi articles, the presence of summary and English keywords is also required. After reviewing the abstract version and if accepted, the author will be requested to send the full article. It is reminded that after uploading the original version of the article and clicking on "Send Article", it is not possible to edit the information.

The number of pages of the summary of the article must be 4 pages, but there is no limit on the number of pages for the full version, but it is recommended that the full article should not be more than 10 pages. If the article is sent from an academic unit, at least one of the authors of the article must be a faculty member (one of the country's universities). Articles that do not comply with any of the above restrictions, including the number of pages, or the criteria related to the format and structure of writing the article (which are mentioned in detail in the above links), will not be sent for reviewing.

English Papers Template